quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2010


Concern about the quality of software developed is a constant reality in the lives of software developers, especially those responsible for the delivery of the project, they must maintain the quality that customers want and keep track of all changes requested. After installation in production is important to know which version the software is, what changes it has undergone to ensure that bug fixes do not appear again, that older versions do not take the place of new versions or just do not find the source code of a system production.

The Configuration Management Software is one of the activities supporting the development of software, it allows all the steps that are recorded and monitored so that any changes to the scope of the project occurs in a clear and formal approval.

Many tools for management and configuration management software are available, some of proprietary code and licensing costs variables, other open source, free and without licensing costs, our goal here is to provide guidelines and practice models for this activity, list some tools available, present a case study with the deployment of tools open source, note that regardless of the chosen tool that will ensure the registration of the amendments is the process management life cycle software chosen and deployed, regardless of the chosen tool.

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